Hi, Vanesa from Slovenia, I love football, motoGP and formula1.

In the moment you're thinking of giving up, think about why you have lasted so long ~Fernando Torres

In life you should always take risks, unless they involve getting hurt in the process ~Tom Parker

Even everything goes wrong, smile! ~David Luiz


does anyone actually pay attention to my blog or am i just kind of here

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I call it SHIT!

Cesc Fabregas singing (+ dancing) Macarena for his initiation song (x)

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  • Footballer : _________or______?
  • Club : ____________or_____
  • Wag : ____________ or _______?

who needs friends when you have followers that don’t speak to you

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Football Meme : Eden Hazard

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Some of my favorite #AskJesus responses

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The problem with Fernando Torres is that people only look at his mistakes.
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