Hi, Vanesa from Slovenia, I love football, motoGP and formula1.

In the moment you're thinking of giving up, think about why you have lasted so long ~Fernando Torres

In life you should always take risks, unless they involve getting hurt in the process ~Tom Parker

Even everything goes wrong, smile! ~David Luiz


Why do I have to be so socially awkward? I just want friends. BE MY FRIEND

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Asker marioftmarco Asks:
C, D, S and Y :)
nandoness nandoness Said:

C- London 

D- pizza

S- JLS-She Makes Me Wanna. I have this ringtone like since summer 2011:) (no kidding!)

Y- My Birthday is on 23rd December:)

Thank yooou!!❤️

Asker bastiftnando Asks:
K M C Y and R :D
nandoness nandoness Said:

K- some slovenians maybe..like Vid in Pero Šov:)

M- always ready to help;)

C- everywheree haha:) London maybe;)

Y- My birthday is on 23rd December.

R- Footloose..today;)

Thank yoooou!❤️


Those stadium will be full on Tuesday and Wednesday and then you will know that Champions League is on!

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*goes on Youtube to watch some music videos*

*ends up watching BVB videos from the last seasons*

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j, k,l, m
nandoness nandoness Said:

J- Road Trip, Enough

K- some Slovenians maybe..like Vid in Pero Šov:)

L- The Wanted, JLS, Eminem…

M- Almost always happy:)

Thank yooou❤️

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nandoness nandoness Said:

Thank you sweetie! Love u ❤️